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"The Desire of our heart is to bring Hope and Healing to yours."

Hello, and welcome to Hopeful Hearts! We believe in thoughtful and innovative ways to assist individuals in their quest for emotional health and well-being. We can help you work through anxiety, depression, substance abuse, grief, anger management and various other issues with evidence-based therapies and a strong Christian foundation.

We encourage creative solutions to enhance and strengthen the marital relationship. Our goal is to promote proactive relationship-building while also using therapy to bring help and healing to relationships that have already been broken. Healthy Relationships are important to us and understanding the obstacles, whether existential or emotional, is paramount to creating building blocks that lead to recovery, restoration and inner peace.

We believe that cultivating awareness is crucial to identifying behavioral patterns and obstacles in life’s journey and our reactions to those obstacles. Our goal is to walk this journey with you and help you uncover solutions to overcome whatever challenges you are facing. Together, we will develop a creative road-map of attainable goals to improve the quality of your life and your relationships.

Here at Hopeful Hearts, we are experienced and equipped to help you with both psychological and spiritual issues. Our worst enemy often comes from spiritual battles which trigger fear, uncertainty and lack of self-worth. We can provide Biblical counsel that will promote deeper understanding to many issues that binds individuals from the freedom to enjoy life.

We believe that helping those who are hurting gives hope to the heart, and that is the place where healing begins.

Professional Memberships:
* American Counseling Association
* American Association of Christian Counselors

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